Combined Reader Amplifier A powerful solution in one best-selling unit.

Combine our distributed antenna system Ultracomm® TR-160 and TR-560 amplifier line with our MineAx® RFID technology. Eliminate the need for multiple power supplies, cables and servicing. There’s nothing in the world like Tunnel Radio’s best-selling single-unit system. Yes, it’s that good.

Have an existing TR product and want to add Tracking? Optimize coverage with the equipment that you already have? Tunnel Radio can convert your existing amplifiers into Tracking Amplifiers. Even if your distributed antenna system isn’t one of ours, we can convert any amplifier adding reader capability. And we’re the only ones who can.

The amplifier has the following add-ons installed:

  • Diagnostics & Monitoring
  • RFID Expansion Card
  • RFID Antenna
  • Visual Emergency Alarm

Extend your distributed antenna system’s range and add personnel and asset tracking in an efficient and cost-effective way.

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