Constant contact with your operations

Whether your business is mining, oil & gas, rail or any venture where reliable communication is vital, Tunnel Radio keeps you in touch at all times, under all conditions. Our innovative technologies include digital underground wireless communication, wireless tracking and gas sensing, plus web-based remote diagnostics and monitoring. Underground, above ground or offshore, Tunnel Radio keeps you connected.

Wireless Communications

Our MSHA-approved Ultracomm Communications system keeps you connected at all times, under all conditions.

Wireless Tracking

Our powerful MineAx® RFID continuously tracks the status and location of personnel and equipment.

Gas Sensing

Our technology measures up to four group gases and wirelessly transmits the data from the source to the control room.

System Diagnostics

Our web-based, programmable Monitoring System ensures uninterrupted operations.

Industries we serve


Introducing Real Wear

This intrinsically safe, certified fully rugged head-mounted device is high tech, hands free safety at its finest. Use it in wet, dusty, hot, dangerous environments. It optionally snaps into safety helmets and can be used with safety glasses or corrective eyewear.

Real Wear Info

Whatever you decide to do next, you’ll be impressed with our approach to assessing your needs and our on-target, cost-efficient recommendations. We guarantee it.



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