Industry leaders depend on us.

Tunnel Radio creates leading-edge technologies that serve the needs of mining operations, rail transportation, oil and gas operations, and industrial systems worldwide.

From our Ultracomm® communications and MineAx® RFID tracking systems for mining operations, to TunnelLink® and OFA for Railway and PTC communication applications and asset management systems.

We have installed wireless radio and data systems for some of the biggest names in drilling, mining and transportation, including: Union Pacific, BNSF, CSX, Metro-Link, Alaska Railroad, Cyprus-Amax, Homestake, LKAB, Newmont, Cominco, RTZ and Barrick. Coal installations include Alpha Natural Resources, Arch Mineral, Massey, ICG, Bridger and many more. Oil and gas installations include Shell and Noble Corp.

We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in drilling, mining, and transportation.

Our story

Tunnel Radio of America Inc. was founded in 1988 to meet the demand for better wireless communications in hard-to-reach places and remote environments. The first reliable VHF radio system in the United States was installed by Tunnel Radio at the Greens Creek mine near Juneau, Alaska, in 1988. The installation has been expanded many miles since and remains in full use. Tunnel Radio has also built innovative wireless systems for mining and drilling operations in 18 states and several foreign countries.

In 1993, Tunnel Radio launched our first railroad system. Since then, we have expanded our product line to encompass the industry’s changing needs. Our Tunnel Radio Link technology has allowed the two largest railroads in the world — Union Pacific and BNSF — to double their long-haul freight-carrying capacity and reduce fuel costs. Tunnel Radio is working to reduce fuel consumption, increase capacity and reduce freight traffic on U.S. highways. Other countries are following our lead.

Our mission

Tunnel Radio is committed to providing the most reliable, high-performance, and cost-effective radio systems available. Our product line is diverse. Our engineers are constantly working to develop new equipment and improve existing products to offer quality equipment perfectly suited to mining, railroad and industrial operational requirements. We believe in strong customer support and in-house training of customers’ employees for basic servicing and expansion of our systems so that our customers continue to receive the very best in underground radio equipment and technology. We also strive to deliver our products and services with the utmost personal honesty and integrity.

Our mission is providing the latest and best in underground communication technology and innovative data monitoring and control systems. Our Ultracomm® UHF and VHF radio systems have revolutionized underground communication. Our data systems allow customers to manage their operations from anywhere. As a Motorola Solutions 2-way radio dealer, we are ready to integrate the most advanced wireless equipment in the world.

Contact us at our offices in Oregon. Or contact any of our certified dealers for more information on how a Tunnel Radio system can work for you.