Safe. Reliable. Superior.

Tunnels, mountains, canyons. No matter the rail line, Tunnel Radio signals come through loud and clear.

Built to perform — everywhere

Tunnel Link railroad technology for distributed power and positive control is the industry leader. Built to last in harsh and remote environments, Tunnel Link™ and Tunnel Voice™ mobile radio systems are performance-proven in even the longest, deepest railroad tunnels.

No dead spots

The Tunnel Link™ data system is designed to extend radio signals generated by Distributed Power, HOT/EOT data equipment, and VHF Positive Train Control systems. Our Tunnel Link bi-directional amplifiers maintain an appropriate signal level while using a single repeater for all processes, ensuring a constant connection.

Customized engineering

Tunnel Radio’s in-house RF experts have the know-how to create customized engineering solutions with a global record of excellence designing and building critical railroad communications and train management components. Nobody knows RF better than Tunnel Radio.

Whatever you decide to do next, you’ll be impressed with our approach to assessing your needs and our on-target, cost-efficient recommendations. We guarantee it.



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