Ultracomm® UHF

With a range of 1000 feet, our patented Ultracomm® UHF radio system with UHF amplifier has shown yet again that Tunnel Radio is the most experienced supplier of underground communication technologies. These new bands offer excellent advantages over lower frequency systems due to their ability to transmit great distances including around corners, in confined spaces, and beyond barriers. The Ultracomm® UHF system provides vastly improved obstruction passage over older VHF technologies. While parked equipment, belts, or shields will stop VHF signals cold, the powerful, compact UHF wave will continue, ensuring the best possible link.


Distributed Antenna System

Our wireless communication system utilizes distributed antenna system technology, which is both rugged and highly dependable. It provides lower installation and maintenance costs than other systems. Its durability allows for consistent communications, which can not only shorten response time in emergencies, but also maintain or increase productivity.


  • Latest technology multi-channel amplifiers
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • External LED status of RF power
  • Fault monitoring system
  • Distributed antenna-compatible
  • Voice Alert™ Stat-Alert™ compatible
  • Compatible with MineAx tracking and tagging system
  • Agile – interoperable with competitive systems


  • Provides complete and reliable system radio coverage
  • Safety and productivity shows remarkable increases
  • MSHA, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania approved radio network
  • MSHA approved underground intrinsically safe power supply – capable of a 24 hour battery back-up.
  • Utilizing the Automatic Gain Control saves man hours and money in maintenance and production costs
  • For outstanding ‘after the sale’ service, our products are backed by the most comprehensive service network in the USA