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Public services face the same challenges as mining: networks of confined spaces that provide access to vital electrical and mechanical systems. Because workers regularly operate in these areas, the unforeseen dangers and need for voice communications require coverage everywhere. Because of the unique physics of tunnels, many antennae systems do not provide adequate coverage, leaving workers without a means for routine and emergency communications.

The solution is a custom-designed Tunnel Radio system to provide dependable Communications. Add accurate Tracking, pinpoint Gas Sensing and remote-accessible System Diagnostics, and you have a powerful all-in-one solutions, fully integrated in one seamless distributed antenna system. 




  • State-of-the-art distributed antenna system technology
  • Multi-channel radio communication technology with patented Ultracomm® 150 – 170 MHz VHF, 450 – 500 MHz UHF or 900 MHz radio coverage and range
  • Base Interface unit with repeaters and network interface, cable splitters, amplifier units and point antennas
  • Amplifier with Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • MineAx® Tracking system for personnel and asset tracking
  • Triple Reader monitors 3 zones concurrently
  • High-power RFID tag units
  • MultiHop™ Tracking Readers for complete wireless mesh network
  • Remote Gas Sensing and monitoring
  • System Monitoring and Diagnostics Software
Water Reclamation Facility

 Comprehensive control.

Tunnel Radio’s All-in-one Solution provides you with comprehensive control of your operation. Simple to install and easy to operate, our complete set of products are rugged and dependable, giving you an objective overview of your personnel and equipment.


 Our wireless radio network and underground power supply are MSHA approved and backed by the most comprehensive service network in the USA. Also, with the best ratings in range and user acceptance by West Virginia and Pennsylvania Mine Safety, Tunnel Radio’s products have a proven operational record through hundreds of miles of both coal and hard-rock mines all over the world.

All Tunnel Radio products are designed to work well on any distributed antenna radio system to provide customized coverage giving you the best tracking system. But working together, the All-in-one Solution provides seamless compatibility that will make your operation perform above the rest. Plus, with Tunnel Radio’s All-in-One Solution, you will have partnered with an industry-leading expert who is dedicated to helping you increase manpower efficiency, safety, and productivity.