Tunnel Link™ for PTC Pulling Through. No Matter What.

Staying connected is everything on a railroad. Tunnel Link™ for Positive Train Control extends the 220 MHz signal through any length of tunnel or mountain pass, meaning you never lose sight — or control — of your trains. This network of amplifiers and distributed antenna cable eliminates dead spots and increases radio signal ranges, ensuring essential rail communications are uninterrupted over the long haul.

Features and Benefits

  • Continuous data communication—regardless of length
  • Advanced amplifier technology
  • Rugged components designed to withstand the harshest rail environments
  • Virtually eliminates dead spots
  • Extends radio signals for 220 MHz Positive Train Control
  • Requires only one repeater per system
  • External LEDs on the equipment provide easy monitoring
  • Works with TMS, our tunnel monitoring diagnostic system
  • Used by all major railways throughout North and South America

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