Tunnel Link™ for DP Front-to-back coverage that won't quit

Seamless railroad communications provided by Tunnel Link™ helps ensure train safety and efficiency in tunnels and mountain passes. Our network of amplifiers and distributed antenna cable extends the distributed power and end-of-train/head-of-train radio signals, keeping your systems connected from portal to portal.

Features and Benefits

  • Continuous data communication—regardless of length
  • Advanced amplifier technology
  • Rugged components designed to withstand the harsh rail environment
  • Virtually eliminates dead spots
  • Extends radio signals for GE LOCOTROL® Distributed Power
  • Extends radio signals for UHF EOT/HOT
  • Requires only one repeater per system
  • External LEDs on the equipment provide easy monitoring
  • Works with TMS, our tunnel monitoring diagnostic system
  • Used by all major railways throughout North and South America

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