Tunnel Monitoring System Intelligent. Accurate. Essential.

Sophisticated equipment demands intelligent networking and faster troubleshooting. Tunnel Radio’s answer is TMS (Tunnel Monitoring System).

Using fast, wireless technology, TMS makes data on system performance, troubleshooting, and much other information easily accessible through local networks or online remotely. Configured to install in all Tunnel Link VHF and UHF amplifier products, the TMS card is also adaptable to any competitive distributed antenna system.

Features and Benefits


  • Easily configured and programmable for UHF, VHF and 220 PTC™ operations – all on the same board
  • Head unit automatically scans network and retrieves data, displaying critical information regarding amplifier voltages and power levels
  • Intelligent system knows how many devices are on the network
  • Unresponsive or missing devices are reported to the head end and IP network if available
  • Helps precisely identify the network area with a performance issue, reducing troubleshoot and repair time
  • Instant viewing/polling of specific locations
  • Option ports – serial, TTL, logic and I/O drivers
  • Channel agility also allows operation on any distributed antenna system, VHF or UHF


  • Allows for remote (IP) monitoring and control of the network, while providing the same information that is displayed on the head end unit
  • Allows the user to initiate a no-wait manual system scan
  • User can generate a summary report on the status of all monitored devices

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