Public Works

Water Treatment and Reclamation Facilities


Integrated Tracking Reader Available

Software-defined Amplifier Available

Intrinsically Safe

For workers in underground public services, reliable voice communications are a vital lifeline. Tunnel Radio’s custom-designed systems provide dependable Communications, accurate Tracking, pinpoint Gas Sensing and remote-accessible System Diagnostics — powerful all-in-one protection, fully integrated in a seamless distributed antenna system.


  • State-of-the-art distributed antenna system technology
  • Multi-channel radio communication technology with patented Ultracomm® 150 – 170 MHz VHF, 450 – 500 MHz UHF radio coverage and range
  • Base Interface unit with repeaters and network interface, cable splitters, amplifier units and point antennas
  • Amplifier with Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • MineAx® Tracking system for personnel and asset tracking
  • Triple Reader monitors 3 zones concurrently
  • High-power RFID tag units
  • MultiHop™ Tracking Readers for complete wireless mesh network
  • Remote Gas Sensing and monitoring
  • System Monitoring and Diagnostics Software

Control you can count on

Tunnel Radio’s All-in-one Solution means constant contact with workers and comprehensive control of operations. A full line of innovative products. Simple to install. Easy to operate. Rugged. Reliable.

Safe connections

Tunnel Radio’s MSHA-approved wireless network and underground power supply are backed by the industry’s best support and are top-rated for safe, reliable communication from anywhere to everywhere.

Customized and compatible

Tunnel Radio products are designed for compatibility with any DAS to customize the best tracking system. But on its own, the All-in-One Solution provides superior performance, backed by industry-leading expertise and support to maximize efficiency, safety, and productivity.


Whatever you decide to do next, you’ll be impressed with our approach to assessing your needs and our on-target, cost-efficient recommendations. We guarantee it.



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