The failsafe technology you depend on, is now airborne.

Introducing the first truly industrial UAV. We took 30 years of reliable mining, rail communications, and RFID and made it fly.

Meet Skia – designed by and for people who use tools for a living. Skia isn’t just a drone. It’s a rugged, industrial machine; built to get the job done.

US Manufactured


Products manufactured in the United States are held to a high standard. SKIA is 100% manufactured by former US armed forces veterans who know first-hand what it means to depend on tools to get the job done. Each SKIA is made by the same individuals who build our communication and tracking systems, which mining, railway, and oil workers have relied on for over 30 years.

RFID Personnel and Asset Tracking


For the past 3 decades, miner’s have depended on Tunnel Radio’s active radio frequency identification tracking technology to make sure they get home at the end of the day. SKIA is integrated with that same technology for wireless tracking of personnel and assets from the air. Whether you’re tracking tools, lost hikers, livestock, or workers, SKIA can detect tags from far away and relay that vital information back to any device for precise tracking or recovery.

Aluminum Airframe


SKIA is the first aluminum airframe on the market. Why aluminum? The use of aluminum reduces dead-weight and energy consumption while increasing load capacity and durability. From trucks to building materials, aluminum is used in applications where high-strength and durability are the most important considerations.

Aluminum is also highly resistant to corrosion, making it the ideal choice for outdoor missions. It’s heat-diffusive properties provide optimal conditions for seasonal flying, retaining much-needed heat for battery efficiency in the winter while wicking away heat through the arms in the summer.

Crashed your drone and bent an arm or leg? That’s a big problem for carbon fiber, which disintegrates under stress. Not for SKIA. Grab a pair of vice grips, bend it back, and complete your mission.

Data Secure


For many government and corporate entities, cyber security isn’t merely a growing concern, it’s the #1 threat. In a thoroughly connected world, one of the greatest challenges of new technology is how obtain its benefits while protecting critical data from cyber adversaries.

SKIA was made to keep your data where it belongs: in your hands. Skia was born to fill the need for a secure, American-made drone without surreptitious electronics.  No matter the mission, you own your data. Period.

Sensor Agnostic


Tunnel Radio is in the tool manufacturing business, not the sensor business. We won’t force you to use a proprietary camera just so you can fly SKIA. Do you prefer one IR camera over another? No problem. SKIA is sensor agnostic, and can easily and universally click any preferred payload onto our picatinny rail. Our universal adapter ensures that your sensor incorporates with SKIA, so you can use the appropriate tool for specific missions.

24/7 Technical Support


Our support personnel are on tap 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide prompt and expert remote help. The same individuals who built SKIA are the ones who will be on-hand to take your call should the need arise. Whether it’s assisting with operation or troubleshooting a technical problem, our on-call support team are equipped to talk you through the best solution.

You can gain peace of mind in knowing that every SKIA comes standard with Tunnel Radio’s lifetime warranty. Should your system need repair, Tunnel Radio’s in-house technicians, software, and engineering staff will help you get redeployed quickly.

Call or email us today to find out more about how Skia can help you stay connected.