rfid system

img-product-wireless-trackingThe MineAx® RFID system for tracking provides you with the critical ability to locate people and equipment underground. Our MineAx RFID system offers maximum flexibility in design and installation, supporting multiple modes of data transport including wireless readers via distributed antenna system, LAN/WAN, and hardwire. In wireless mode, the tag readers can be located anywhere within the distributed antenna radio system coverage area, or installed independently of the distributed antenna system, thus providing customizable coverage for each unique installation. Powerful, highly configurable software allows tracking data to be overlaid on existing operation map or as a tabular display.





  • Triple Reader monitors three zones concurrently
  • High power RFID tag units
  • Compatible with any UHF / VHF distributed antenna system
  • Compatible with 900 Mhz frequency
  • Readers are wirelessly linked to radio network
  • Standalone MultiHop Mesh tracking system option available
  • Personnel location viewable overlaid on operation map
  • Power options, choose Battery-only or AC powered
  • Reader features 3 day back-up battery life on AC powered unit
  • Remote access monitoring to your data
  • Detailed history reports


  • Excellent tag-to-reader range
  • Relocation and advance is simple and quick to deploy
  • Secure tag-to-server communications
  • Only one cable for both communication and tracking systems
  • Continuous coverage as required in the MSHA PPL