MineAx Trio

I/O Control SCADA System

img-product-trioTunnel Radio’s TRiO I/O System offers a wide range of machine control solutions. TRiO interfaces with our existing reader circuit board, utilizing on-board microcontroller technology to create a simple to operate SCADA system. MineAx software displays both Ethernet and radio enabled units on the Industrial Controls page. User defines TRiO units to specific purposes, such as general I/O, fan control, pump control.

Programmable – Simple ladder-logic equivalent language for localized control and automation independent of any communication system.

Performance – Nominal time between request and confirmation of completion: Less than 8 seconds for distributed antenna system and less than 5 seconds for Ethernet.

RF and IP Connectivity
– Flexible communication channels between TRiO and server, including VHF, UHF and Ethernet options. Supports DHCP and static IP addresses. Compatible with any TCP/IP network.

Battery Backup – 12V backup battery included – 24 hours of operation after loss of AC power