The MineAx® RFID tracking system provides the critical ability to locate people and equipment underground via our MineAx graphical user interface. Our MineAx tracking system offers maximum flexibility in design and installation, supporting multiple modes of data transport, including wireless Readers via distributed antenna system, Combined Distributed Antenna Reader Amplifiers, and LAN/WAN IP based Ethernet Readers.


A new MineAx addition is our MDT-360 Mobile Data Terminal which provides 360 Collision Avoidance and Situational Awareness in the mobile mine environment. Notify equipment operators of nearby ground personnel, other vehicles, and hazards simultaneously via the Touch screen mobile terminal. Alerts allow safe clearances at all times. Text message available. No replacement of cap lamps required. Remote access feature allows for easy upgrading.

rfid tracking

In wireless mode the Tag Readers, and our Stand-alone or Combined Amplifier/Reader, can be located anywhere within the distributed antenna radio system coverage area. Install Tag Readers independently using the Ethernet. Powerful, highly configurable software allows tracking data to be overlaid on existing operation map or as a tabular display. MineAx is a winning system with many years of service in real mines.


  • Web Based Server for local and full featured remote use and tracking systems viewing
  • Readers are wirelessly linked over radio network
  • High power RFID tags – battery life reporting
  • System is compatible with any UHF / VHF distributed antenna system
  • Reader may monitor multiple zones concurrently
  • Reader-in-Amplifier options – low component/part count
  • Collision Avoidance System as a Stand-alone or as part of MineAx infrastructure
  • Superior service and support
  • MineAx installed in over 50 locations
  • MineAx tracking system is MSHA approved
  • Mineax tracking system available in Coal and Hard Rock configurations

MineAx Software

  • Dynamic Software, personnel and equipment location viewable in tabular and map views, simple map upload features, customizable and editable data fields for tag definition and history
  • Readers have back-up battery or battery only operation
  • Web based Server for remote access
  • Data thumb drive backup at head unit
  • Detailed history reports
  • Remote firmware updates via radio
  • Collision Avoidance capability


  • Excellent tag-to-reader range and checksum data security
  • Relocation and advance is simple and quick to deploy – auto recognition
  • Secure tag-to-server communications
  • Only one cable for both communication and tracking systems
  • Continuous coverage as required in the MSHA PPL
  • May be used for production management: Loader haul production reporting
  • Vent control and monitoring