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Tunnel Radio Offers UHF & VHF Tracking Amplifier

With Tunnel Radio’s easily-installed Integrated Amplifier, operators can now add tracking capabilities to existing UHF or VHF digital leaky feeder communications systems without the need for additional components or supplemental power sources.

Part of the company’s MineAx® Wireless Tracking System, the Integrated Amplifier consists of an amplifier with antenna, and a reader that relays date-stamped location data and other “tag” information to surface computers. The units can be adapted to existing leaky feeder systems, or integrated into an all-in-one Tunnel Radio Communications/Tracking/Gas Sensing solution. In either case, Tunnel Radio’s advanced software is included.

The software’s remote-access monitoring capabilities include precise and instantaneous locating of problems anywhere in the leaky feeder network, to reduce trouble-shooting response time and minimize downtime for repairs.

As designers and manufacturers of state-of-the-art underground wireless radio and digital data systems since 1988, Tunnel Radio backs its products with expert 24/7 technical support, on hand to confirm that the equipment is functioning properly, and to assist customers in making optimal use of its capabilities.

For more information contact or call (541) 758-5637.